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Edge AI

Starware Design has experience in edge AI for audio and video applications.

Architecture definition/evaluation
 Implementation on FPGA/ASIC 
Implementation on microprocessor/microcontroller
Verification of the implementation agains the model (i.e. using Cocotb) 

Previous projects

Video AI proof-of-concept

Person detection proof-of-concept running on Zynq UltraScale (ZCU104).

Starware Design tasks:

  Model preparation for FPGA deployment

  Software running on the FPGA with PyQT GUI


28nm audio AI ASIC for keyword spotting. 

Starware Design tasks:

  Benchmark of the existing AI architecture and proposals for the next generation architecture. 

  AI network bit-accurate modelling 

  Evaluation board hardware, software and FPGA design (Xilinx Artix7 plus STMicroelectronics STM32MP1).

  Automated lab test setup design and implementation (similar to Amazon Alexa compatible devices testing).

  RTL design and validation using Cocotb and AI model in Python

Tags: cocotb, edga-ai, Xilinx, SoC, fpga

About us

Starware Design provides design and consulting services for FPGA, board-level, embedded software and edge AI projects.

Whether you need a consultant to be part of your team on-site or a turnkey solution, Starware Design has the capability to suit your requirements.