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FPGA design and verification

If your project requires high levels of integration and performance then an FPGA is probably the optimal solution. Starware Design has experience in using toolchains and devices from all the major FPGA providers. Starware Design design support can range from a bespoke IP block to a turnkey solution.

Architecture design
Hardware / software partitioning
RTL coding (VHDL and Verilog/SystemVerilog)
Verification (UVVM, Cocotb, co-simulation)
System On Chip (Zynq, Zynq MPSoC)
Design for Xilinx, Altera/Intel and Lattice FPGAs
Interfacing with PCIe, DDR memories, high speed ADCs, Gigabit Ethernet


Previous projects

Video AI proof-of-concept

Person detection proof-of-concept running on Zynq UltraScale (ZCU104).

Starware Design tasks:

  Model preparation for FPGA deployment

  Software running on the FPGA with PyQT GUI


28nm audio AI ASIC for keyword spotting. 

Starware Design tasks:

  Porting ASIC design to FPGA for rapid prototyping

  Bit-accurate validation using Cocotb and AI model in Python

Video processing platform

Xilinx Zynq FPGA with multiple video in and video out up to 1080p resolution. Mixture of Xilinx IP cores and custom cores.

Starware Design tasks:

  Proof of concept on evaluation board
FPGA design and validation, IP cores creation and customisation
Bare metal and Linux drivers/software

High performance Software Design Radio (SDR) platform

Xilinx Kintex 7 with high speed ADCs and PCIe interface to x86 platform.

Starware Design tasks:
Creation of a co-simulation platform: QEMU running Linux with target device driver and apps interacting with Modelsim running the FPGA simulation plus the embedded microcontroller code.

Industrial ultrasound probe

Xilinx Artix-7 with DDR-3 memory, PCIe express and ADC LVDS interface. Mixture of Xilinx IP cores and custom cores.

Starware Design tasks:
FPGA design and validation, IP cores creation and customisation.


Other projects include FPGA design due diligence and/or verification (UVVM or SystemVerilog).

Tags: Verilog, VHDL, PCIe, Lattice, Intel, Xilinx, SoC, verification, fpga, edga-ai, cocotb

About us

Starware Design provides design and consulting services for FPGA, board-level, embedded software and edge AI projects.

Whether you need a consultant to be part of your team on-site or a turnkey solution, Starware Design has the capability to suit your requirements.